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Restaurant Workers…They Are Every Where!

Go check this out!

Go check this out!


best blog

in the world as pertains to…drum roll please!!!

restaurant manager coaching


and the truth about our industry has been doing it’s research!  As we like to coach restaurant managers we often find relating to our peeps a successful decision.  Sadly, the fan page doesn’t do enough to communicate…we do try to keep it real as much as possible.  Lately, we wrote a story about a cook turned manager launching his book.  Good stuff.  Only one of you roundtable people bought the book so far but we hope to support this cat none the less.

Last month I noticed a promising new upstart on the world wide web.  The Waitress Confessions  I contacted her and let her know of what a good job she’s been doing with her

One ancient Ass Picture LOL

One ancient Ass Picture LOL

blog.  One tool we often forget as operators is the people who make us successful.  Our top line is definitely related to our secondary controllable.  Payroll.  If we hire the right business partners we are in for an easier day.  Is that okay?  What I like about her page is that it’s very interactive and informative.  It’s also written in “their” language.  BOH, FOH you know (restaurant talk).  Relevance is very important.  Her twitter feed is constantly going and she obviously, like us, is still operating at the field level.  Thus, no HR B.S. is violating our intelligence.  We hate that!  Humor, knowledge and real stories make this site something you actually want to sign up to receive Emails from.  I think our good buddy Paul Paz would actually appreciate this place if he hasn’t already.  To show Paul some love you can find him here   

Over the next month or so we are going to continue to search for real sites from the hourly guru’s who make time to tell their story.  That way we get some insight on what it is our people actually think.  You know…since we are too busy running restaurants and writing child support checks to google anything anymore.

So, make good choices and run your restaurant coach!

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  • Round Table 0, 2:19 pm

    If you have a website that educates and or entertains our industry peeps please comment here so we can go take a gander. Please and thank you!

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